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Buttermilk Bog

This Centennial Project of the Dutton Dunwich Horticultural Society incorporated an area saturated with buttermilk from the old Strathcona Creamery and land donated by West Elgin Mutual Insurance.

The arboretum contains some very significant species. These include Persimmon; Magnolias, (Sweetbay, Umbrella, Cucumber, Kobus); Black Gum; Fringe-tree; American Chestnut; Yellowwood; Sycamore; Yellow and Ohio Buckeye; Pawpaw; Sassafras; Redbud; Flowering Dogwood; Blue and White Ash; Kentucky Coffee-tree; Sweet Gum; Osage Orange; Hoptree; Bur, Black, Riparian and Sawtooth Oak; Ginkgo; American Hazelnut; Hackberry; American Elm; Butternut; Tulip-tree; and Black Cherry. There are approximately 50 different species of trees with identification stands beside them.

Located behind the Dunwich United Church.

Informations de contact

274 Currie Road
Dutton, Ontario



Année de construction: 1999

Dates/heures d'ouverture

oct. 22, 10:00a.m. - oct. 22, 04:00p.m.

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