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Red Sky Métis Independent Nation

Red Sky Métis Independent Nation (RSMIN) are descendants of the original French Voyageurs who settled in the area and the Indigenous women they married. Specifically, they are composed of the descendants of those 84 Métis recognized by the Crown as beneficiaries and annuitants under the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850. RSMIN are culturally distinct from the First Nations people, holding their own traditions, customs, and practices. The history of RSMIN can be dated back to as early as 1506.

Red Sky Métis Independent Nation share with us their traditional knowledge of preparing birch bark tea. Birch bark tea has anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties to it. Different parts of the birch tree found in the Thunder Bay region have been used for centuries for the preparation of this tea. Enjoy the video below.

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406 Victoria Avenue East
Thunder Bay, ON, Ontario


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avr. 19, 08:16a.m. - avr. 19, 08:16a.m.