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Levi Carroll and The Log Schoolhouse

Levi Carroll is best known for a log schoolhouse built in 1820 that was Waterloo’s first educational institution. Once the community outgrew the 5-metre by 6-metre (16-foot by 20-foot) schoolhouse, Carroll lived in it for more than 50 years. This important historical structure now rests in Waterloo Park and provides a backdrop for exploring more about Carroll – an ex-slave from Maryland who, despite the odds, lived into his 90s and was described in his 1897 obituary as “a citizen whom almost everyone knows.” But that familiarity has been lost to time. Author and social historian Joanna Rickert-Hall is working to resurrect Levi Carroll’s narrative and its ties to other lost local stories and important conversations. As part of Digital Doors Open, watch the video below to learn more about Levi Carroll and this iconic landmark.

Contact info

Waterloo Park, Young Street West
Waterloo, Ontario



Year built: 1820
Building type:Schoolhouse
Architectural style:Log structure

Dates/hours open

Mar 02, 11:20am - Mar 02, 11:20am