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Trenton Cold Storage

Two prominent men – Eben James and William Fraser – had tremendous influence on the development of Trenton through their lives and their rivalry, establishing a company that would influence the development of the town more than any other company in its history. By the 19th century, Trenton was becoming a central hub of agriculture distribution in Ontario. James and Fraser took advantage of this factor by establishing Trenton Cold Storage, using the region’s expanded train and steamship networks to distribute produce more effectively to regional, national and international markets. And apples made up a large part of that produce. The influence of this company and these two men has left an enduring legacy that resonates in the town today. Learn more about their lives and their company through the Sean Scally video below – entitled Apples and Egos: The Saga of Eben James and William Fraser – and see for yourself how apples and egos impacted the history of Trenton.

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21 Albert Street
Trenton, Ontario


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Jun 13, 05:28pm - Jun 13, 05:28pm