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Lakes and Rivers Self-Guided Tour

One of Brampton's best-kept secrets is its picturesque lakes and rivers. Behind the thousands of homes and busy roads, visitors and residents alike will find a wonderful oasis of peaceful lakes and flowing rivers in the Brampton area. Brampton is home to both natural and man-made lakes, including Professor’s Lake, Heart Lake Conservation Area, Loafer’s Lake, Esker Lakes and Norton Place Park. Brampton’s rivers were also used thousands of years ago as transportation routes. Since then, they have been sources of power to drive mills and sources of water for farms. Today, they are a tremendous asset to both the natural landscape and wildlife of Brampton. As part of Digital Doors Open, you are invited to relax and enjoy Brampton’s beauty. Discover their many lakes and rivers by taking this self-guided tour. And, while you’re outside, bring along the Nature Rubbings Activity and discover all the treasures that nature has to offer.

Contact info

Start at Professor's Lake Recreation Centre (1660 North Park Drive)
Brampton, Ontario


Dates/hours open

Mar 02, 12:57am - Mar 02, 12:57am