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Explore some traditional Doors Open Mississippi Mills sites without having to leave home. The following sites offer tours, videos and activities that will engage people of all ages.


Appleton Swamp (Gardiner, Grace and Neilson properties)Doors Open Mississippi Mills


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Appleton Swamp (Gardiner, Grace and Neilson properties)

The Appleton Swamp is an extensive riverine swamp and marsh complex associated with the floodplain of the Mississippi River. The Gardiner, Grace and Neilson properties are all managed for the Ontario Heritage Trust by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority with the purpose of maintaining the natural features and biodiversity of the properties. There is no public access to these properties for that reason. The properties are situated in the Appleton swamp, which is recognized as a provincially significant Class 2 Wetland and Life Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) due to the unique representation of riverine marsh, swamp and upland forest on clay plain. As part of Digital Doors Open, take a virtual boat ride through the Appleton swamp by watching the video below.

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Public access is prohibited at this time due to the delicate nature of the wetland features.
Mississippi Mills, Ontario


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May 20 - May 20