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Storey Wetlands Trail at John E. Pearce Provincial Park

Named for Mary Patterson Storey, who received her land grant in 1809.  A wetland is an area that is saturated with water long enough for the soil to become waterlogged. They support a variety of water-loving and water-tolerant plants and animals.  Here at John E. Pearce Provincial Park, our wetland is a marsh. Marshes are periodically or permanently flooded with water. Typical plant species include cattails and water lilies. Be on the lookout for turtles and herons. 

Informations de contact

29424 Lakeview Line
Wallacetown, Ontario


Année de construction: 2017

Dates/heures d'ouverture

oct. 22, 10:00a.m. - oct. 22, 04:00p.m.

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