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Harris House Back Yard

In 1997, a Guelph landscape architect, Brad Peterson, was hired to develop a landscaping plan to, in part, “naturalize” the backyard. The yard consisted mostly of a rectangle with a vegetable garden, a few fruit trees, large silver maple and a motley collection of Manitoba maples and walnut trees. Mr. Peterson developed a plan that involved creating a Carolinian forest area, pond, reduced vegetable garden, a wetland and a sauna. Most the the walnuts and Manitoba maples were removed.  Areas were planted with native species such as shagbark hickory, blue birches, elderberries, tulip and redbud. The 10 year plan ultimately became a sixteen year plan as the last component to be built was the building to house the sauna and garden shed. Other features were added over time, such as a pawpaw grove and numerous dogwoods (they self seeded). The pond was created out of the foundation of an old cold storage shed. 

Picture caption: Betsy Apel and Belle Smith (sisters) sit on the running board of Belle’s Packard in the 1920s. Belle created a garage at the back of the house out of a former bedroom and added a lean-to so that her car would fit. The house itself was built in 1853 on a one acre lot, which was typical of the time. It gave enough room for a vegetable garden, chickens, a few fruit trees and possibly a cow.

Informations de contact

8947 Iona Road
Iona, Ontario
E-mail: laurence.grant@start.ca


Année de construction: 1853

Architecte: Brad Peterson

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oct. 22, 10:00a.m. - oct. 22, 04:00p.m.