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Eby Manor Golden Guernsey Milk

For all but 10 days of his life, Jim Eby has lived on this dairy farm in Woolwich, now known as Eby Manor. You'll be moo-ved by his story of the family operation that seized a golden (Guernsey) opportunity to create something truly special in the new niche milk market. Denoted by its unique, creamy texture and iconic glass bottles, Eby Manor and its small herd boast an avid following. As part of Digital Doors Open, find out more about Eby Manor and this dairy operation through the video below.

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1174 Weeby Place, RR1
Waterloo, Ontario


Building type: Food and drink

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Friday May 1 – Wednesday March 31, 2021
Part of Digital Doors Open Waterloo Region

Eby Manor Golden Guernsey Milk 1174 Weeby Place, RR1