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Tisdale Cemetery

The Tisdale Cemetery was established in 1915 at the urging of local undertakers Barton and Easton because the cemetery that had been in use in South Porcupine was not easily accessible most of the year. A site used by the provincial government as a prison camp during the construction of the road between Timmins and the south end was deemed to be acceptable. Graves from the old cemetery site were transferred to the new cemetery in July 1915; the first burial took place on July 22 of that year. The oldest gravestone belongs to Sydney E.W. Smith who died November 2, 1913 at the tender age of 1 year, 8 months. Exclusive to Digital Doors Open, you can explore the site within this spectacular 360 degree image (Credit: Andrew Warren – Digital Image).

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Ontario 101
Timmins, Ontario
Telephone: 705-360-2615


Year built: Established in 1915
Building type: Cemetery

Dates/hours open

Friday January 1 – Friday December 31, 2021
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