Doors Open Ontario

Organizer registration form

Deadline: Friday, December 20, 2019

By completing this registration form, I confirm that the Organizing Committee for our community/cluster has reviewed the Doors Open Ontario Information and Guidelines and wishes to hold a Doors Open Ontario event in 2020. I/we will send payment of the $1,695 registration fee ($1,500 + HST).

I/we confirm that our event will conform to the entry criteria and requirements of the program, including acknowledging Doors Open Ontario and the Ontario Heritage Trust (the Trust) as a supporting partner in all event marketing materials. I/we agree to ensure that all required information is submitted by the deadlines stipulated. I/we will also ensure that each property involved in the event is covered by an adequate amount of public liability and property insurance. I/we agree that the Trust will not be held responsible for any property damage or public liability claims associated with our Doors Open Ontario event.

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Provide up to three URLs for local tourism sites you wish to see promoted on the Doors Open Ontario website this year

Provide a link for one social media account that you would like the Trust to mention/follow on our social media channels

Key contact information for the lead contact (name, title, organization, telephone and email) will be shared with the general public when requested. By submitting this document, I agree that the lead contact will act as the liaison between the Trust and our community/community cluster. My name and contact information may be made available by the Trust to other organizers, individuals from the community looking for additional program information or members of the media.

Mail your registration fee to:

Ontario Heritage Trust
10 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1J3
Attention: Doors Open Ontario

Make cheques payable to the Ontario Heritage Trust. Please contact the Ontario Heritage Trust at if you require an invoice to process payment of program registration.

Personal information on this form is collected under the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.18 and will be used for marketing and fundraising purposes. For further information, please contact the Executive Assistant at 416-314-4903. This information will not be shared with other organizations. (Form will be sent to: