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Butler's Barracks and The Commons

Named after Colonel John Butler, a hero of the American Revolutionary War, this complex was an integral component of the military facilities built in the Niagara region to replace those destroyed during the War of 1812. Situated inland, out of range of the American artillery across the river, Butler's Barracks comprised more than 20 buildings by 1854. The only structures that survive from this period are the Commissariat Stores, Junior Commissariat Officers' Quarters, Men's Barracks and Gun Shed. The site was used by the British until 1870, after which it became a training camp for the Canadian militia. The barracks near John Street have been fully reconstructed and act as the headquarters for Parks Canada’s Southwestern Ontario Field Unit. The Commons was used extensively over the past two centuries for military training. It was also the site of the Native Council House at the perimeter of Paradise Grove from 1812 until the mid 1820s. For Digital Doors Open, explore The Commons through the video below.

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Contact info

440 King Street
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
Telephone: 905-468-6614


Year built: 1814-54
Building type: Government building, Historical landmark, Military
Landscape: Landscape, Natural heritage

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Friday May 1 – Wednesday March 31, 2021
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Butler's Barracks and The Commons 440 King Street