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Waters Passive House

The Waters Passive House is the most energy-efficient home in Innisfil. Built in 2015, the house combines thick insulated walls, low air leakage, south-facing windows, energy-efficient windows, and a ventilation system for energy efficiency. Fun fact: The house has no furnace and is heated entirely by the heat generated by appliances, warm bodies, and the sun shining through the windows! It also has a 5-kilowatt solar generating system that provides electricity. (The video below explains how this system was installed.) There are also lush natural gardens surrounding the house. So, what is a passive house? Watch this video for a 90-second explanation!

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Contact info

759 Happy Vale Drive
Innisfil, Ontario
Telephone: 705-305-1128


Year built: 2015
Architect: Alex Waters
Building type: Green building, Private residence
Landscape: Garden

Dates/hours open

Friday May 1 – Wednesday March 31, 2021
Part of Digital Doors Open Innisfil

Waters Passive House 759 Happy Vale Drive