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Iona Cemetery

The first burial at the Iona Cemetery took place in about 1816 – that of a man who had been travelling, had died and who was carried for miles by his friends in search of a suitable place to bury him. The place where this cemetery now stands was offered by Daniel McIntyre, its owner, and the man was buried there. Shortly after, a man by the name of William Angus was killed and also buried here. But the first recorded monument was to the wife of Samuel Garnsey, aged 68 years, who died in 1820. Many monuments now stand to mark the last resting place of the settlers from the early days of both Dunwich and Southwold. For your tour, you can find a map and cemetery brochure here.

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Contact info

33488 Talbot Line
Iona, Ontario
Telephone: 519-769-2010


Year built: 1816
Building type: Cemetery
Landscape: Landscape

Dates/hours open

Sunday October 24, 2021
Sunday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (when a volunteer will be available; visits any other day or time will be self-guided)

Iona Cemetery 33488 Talbot Line