If you prefer to give back to your community in a more hands-on way, then volunteering is an exciting and engaging alternative to donating.

A recent poll on the Ontario Heritage Trust’s website showed that 88 per cent of people agreed that Doors Open Ontario made them want to contribute more to preserving the heritage assets of our province.

What better way to help us preserve our heritage assets than to volunteer your time. Give guided tours at your local museum. Help clean up along a trail or conservation area. Or offer to assist your community at their next Doors Open Ontario event.

Volunteering is easy. And we can help. If you want to do it yourself, we have provided local volunteer information at the top of most Doors Open event pages. Simply click on the Become a volunteer tab (if volunteer opportunities are available) and follow the instructions about who to contact to get involved. Or complete and send us the following form and we will match you up with the appropriate community.

Become part of the 88 per cent. Volunteer today to keep Ontario’s heritage alive.

Volunteer request form:

How do you wish to volunteer for Doors Open Ontario? (check all that apply):

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Personal information on this form is collected under the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.18 and will be used for marketing and fundraising purposes. For further information, please contact the Executive Assistant at 416-314-4903. This information will not be shared with other organizations. (This form will be sent to