Doors Open Ontario is an ever-evolving program. After more than a decade, the needs and expectations continue to change. To keep up with these demands – and take advantage of the latest technologies – the Trust has grown alongside the program, expanding it to include social media tools and this new dynamic website, complete with a mobile interface.

Even though the program continues to invite people to experience Ontario’s heritage buildings for free, the program itself costs money. And we need your assistance to keep the program growing.

Over the past few years, our Doors Open visitor surveys have yielded some interesting results. Of the people who participate in Doors Open Ontario each year, nearly 50 per cent of them feel strongly inspired to volunteer at heritage sites in their own communities as a result of their involvement in Doors Open. The Ontario Heritage Trust’s website also conducted a poll recently that asked if Doors Open Ontario made people want to contribute more to preserving the heritage assets of our province – and 88 per cent of those who responded agreed!

Heritage clearly matters to the majority of people who are engaged by the Doors Open Ontario program. Please help us keep this program alive and relevant. Give back to your community by donating to the Ontario Heritage Trust today.

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