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Welcome to the Doors Open Ontario website

Welcome to the Doors Open Ontario website


2015 events

From April to October 2015, communities open the doors to some of Ontario's most intriguing and charming heritage sites. Admission is free! And the Ontario Heritage Trust invites you to experience these treasures first-hand. (Photo: Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto. Credit: Francis Tsao)

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Get involved!

Get involved!

get involved

Learn more about how your community can become involved in one of the Doors Open Ontario events.

Or volunteer at one of the events across the province. For more information on volunteering at a local event, check the Become a volunteer tab on each event page. (Photo: Metropolitan United Church, Toronto. Credit: David Campbell)

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Say cheese!

Say cheese!

photo contest

Enter our photo contest and you could see one of your photos here on the Doors Open Ontario website!

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Photo: Toronto City Hall (Credit: Jing Yang, Toronto)
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CJ Skateboard Park & School

CJ Skateboard Park & School

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The CJ Skateboard Park & School is the world's fourth-largest not-for-profit skateboard park, with 2,600 square metres (28,000 square feet) of indoor skateboarding space. The facility contains a variety of skateboarding obstacles, including bowls, mini ramps, vertical ramps – one of them the largest in Canada – and a street area featuring a replica of an outdoor skate park.